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Betta-Fit Auto Centre have all the equipment required to diagnose faults on most makes and models of vehicle. From flashing dashboard lights to intermittent starting problems, bring it to us and we will find out what is going on. Speak to our technicians today.

Our diagnostics services include:

  • Dashboard warning lights
  • Poor acceleration
  • Air bag warning
  • Starting problems
  • Uneven engine note
  • Vehicle emissions

Investment in Technology

Modern vehicles are full of sophisticated computers which makes auto electrics an incredibly complex field requiring state of the art equipment and technicians with the skills and training to use it. We have made huge investments into diagnostic systems but these systems are only as good as the technician that is using them. For this reason we have employed and trained some of the best auto electrical technicians in the area. This means we can handle anything from a blown fuse to a full blown ECU repair. This expertise is also recognised within the trade and we often get jobs from other garages that are too complex for them to tackle or that they have tried to diagnose and failed.

What our customers are saying about us

I recently had my Audi S3 serviced - Rob was extremely helpful and professional, he took time to gives me detailed feedback about what had been done and how the bill was broken down - Excellent

Steve Smith

The quote was the best value I could find and the work carried out is great. I highly recommend them!

John Biggs

What a professional and friendly service. The Betta Fit team make a every effect to get you back on the road asap.

Jenny Brown